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Of open festival for ultralight aircraft “Parastui Avvalin”

Safed Dara Ski Resort, Tajikistan 2019

1.     Purpose and tasks

The festival of ultralight aircraft is held for the purpose of promotion healthy and active lifestyle and promotion and further development of paragliding and hand-gliding in the Republic of Tajikistan, and enhancement of spectacular, cultural and sports actions in masses.

1.     Date and venue

The festival will be held near the alpine skiing plateau, in the territory of the Alpine Skiing Complex Safed-Dara. Provisional dates are June 8 — 9, 2019 (depending on weather conditions). In case of unsuitable weather conditions, the dates of the Festival will be postponed for one next week which will be in reported in advance with the indication of new dates.

2.     Management of the Festival

The general management of the Festival and selection of the participating pilots is assigned to the Mountaineering Federation of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Alpine Skiing Complex Safed-Dara.

3.     Program of the Festival

The festival is planned to be held, provisionally, from June 8 to June 9, 2019. The exact dates cannot be specified since paragliding and hang-gliding flights fully depend on weather conditions. Finding out the suitability of the weather conditions will only be possible 7-10 days before the Festival beginning. The program will include individual and group demo flights. Fun-dress and unique air actions which are not breaking safety of flights and not menacing to health of pilots and audience are desirable. This Festival is not a competition where it is necessary to show flying range or route flight but rather a celebration of flight season opening. Therefore, it should be carried out beautifully, cheerfully, spectacularly and safely.

Owners of kites and other flying constructions, aero modellers are invited for participation in the Festival.

Everyone is invited as an audience everyone. The venue of the Festival is reachable on private transport and ordering transport from Safed-Dara Ski Resort. There are hotel, bar, restaurant, dining room, different entertaining attractions for children and adults in the territory of the Ski Resort.

Remember, is strictly forbidden to walk in the field where the pilots and aircraft models are landing! This action is dangerous to your health and life, and also to health and life of the landing pilot! It is desirable to arrive to the venue of a festival before 10AM local time. If the weather conditions are suitable for flights and landing, southern or southwest wind usually will start by 10 AM local time.

4.     Participants and conditions of holding Festival

Active (regularly flying) certified paraglider and hang glider pilots not younger than 18 years who have their own equipment are allowed to the flights within the Festival. Pilots who have not flown for over a year are not allowed to participation.

The non-resident participants of the Festival should arrive to the venue of the Festival 1-2 days in advance, for acclimatization (the altitude of the landing field is 2230 m over the level of the Baltic Sea, and starts positions are higher), acquaintance with places of start, airways, flight obstacles, landing conditions, a landscape and for making of trial and training flights.

Each pilot, voluntarily, defines the place of start from one of the offered platforms, it is necessary to rise to start beforehand 10AM and to be completely ready to take-off. The permission to take-off and the priority to all the flights will be given by the flight leader after the inquiry of readiness of all the pilots. The inquiry will be carried out by mobile phones (mobile communication works in starting and landings points), by means of radio stations or through the responsible representatives on places of starts. Take off spots are as follows:

·        from the lower «Lisaya» h=2523m (elevation between start and take off 293 m)

·        South-West crest of Zubarev peak h=3050m (elevation between start and take off 820 m)

·        South crests of Beeline peak h=2820m (elevation between start and take off 590 m)

·        South-East slopes of Burma Pass (elevation between start and take off 600 m)

As per long-term experience of flights in this area, wind favourable for flights starts not earlier than 10AM local times

The financing of participants of the Festival covered individually by the participants, by their organization or by their sponsor.

5.     Applications for participation in the Festival.

The applications for participation of pilots (individual and team) in the Festival should be submitted in advance, not later than in 10 days prior to the festival for creating a preliminary festival scenario and assigning of take-off queue. The application can be in a free written form addressed to Mountaineering Federation of Republic of Tajikistan. The application must include the names surnames of the pilot/s, club name, city and country, aircraft type (paraglider/hang-glider), intended air show and how many pilots are involved in it (group or individual). If a music accompany is needed for the show/performance the name of the tune should be given in advance. You can provide the tune to the musical editors of the Festival on any medium.

The application for participation in demonstration of flights of model aircrafts and kites can be submitted a free form to the flight leader before the opening of the Festival. The application must specify the brand and model of the airplane, helicopter, glider or the kite.

Contacts details: fed-alp-rt@mail.ru  l-e-o-54@mail.ru  +992 919 143 333, +992 907 52 11 20

6.     Security measures.

Defining airways, take off and landing zones (taking into account obstacles) and marking them with flags and windsocks, is assigned to Mountaineering Federation of Republic of Tajikistan. The athletes will be allowed to participate after obligatory check of pilot’s equipment, safety briefing of the rules of flights, acquaintance with the obstacles (electric lines, ski lifts, zip line and buildings), discussion of special cases during flight and landing, discussion of terminology mobile telephone or radio communications.

The person is not allowed to participate:

·        if his/her flight experience and qualification does not correspond to the complexity of airways and the landscape of the festival venue.

·        if the condition of the aircraft and/or equipment do not conform to regulatory requirements of safety

·        if violating the safety rules, or non-obedience to safety requirements of flights.

·        If there is unexpected change of weather conditions (danger of storm, sharp change of wind or strong wind) all the flights will be suspended for all the pilots.

·        demonstration of kites and model aircrafts will be conducted only after the completion of paragliding and hang-gliding flights.

The rescue team will be responsible for instructing of the audience about the dangers of being in the landing zone during flights. Especially this should be brought to the attention of photographers and audience with children!


This provision serves as an invitation for participation in the Festival.


Flights leader of the Festival:            Chesnokov Igor


Responsible on take off spots:          Sheraliyev Bakhtiyor

       Prizhukov Vladimir


Doctor:                                              Sabirova Rano


Photo/video:                                      Zaur Dakhte

       Umnov Igor


Head of Rescue Team                       Shakirdjanov Vitaliy



This provision is made by:

The Deputy Chairman of Mountaineering

Federation of Republic of Tajikistan, pilot-instructor                Lorents Evgeniy

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